General Information


See a list of recommended hotels available for the convention dates. 


The link for registration will be made available in August. 


Please check out our sponsors for the 2018 OASC State Convention. Please support those that are supporting us!


Coming Soon......

Check out our convention gear. All items will be available for purchase prior to the start of the convention.


Check back soon. 

The convention schedule will be available soon.

State Officer Forms & Facilitator Forms

If you are interested in running for a state office or facilitating a student led workshop, the application forms are located here.

Delegate Information

Number of Delegates

While our numbers are not final, each school can tentatively plan on bringing a total of 9 Delegates. (8 students/1 Advisor or 7 students/2 Advisors)

Special Delegates

The following delegates do not count against a schools delegation:

  • An advisor that worked BASIC or Advanced last summer
  • State Officers/Board Members
  • Student Facilitator for Break Out Session at State Convention (limit 1 per school)
  • District Advisor