In order to register for the State Convention, schools must first register for membership with the OASC (renew their dues for member schools ). After completing the membership registration you will receive a link to register for the 2018 State Convention. A link to join/pay dues is below

Special Delegate Registration

We are excited to have friends and family from the OASC and people from many parts of our community be a part of the convention this year! Special Delegates include Honorary OASC members, BASIC JC's, OASC Family members, Volunteers. If you are a special delgate to the OASC State convention please use the link below to register for the convention.

Delegate Allotment

Each school will be allowed 9 delegates (8 students/1 advisior, 7 delegates/2advisors, etc...) Additional delegates may become available at a later time.

Extra Delegate Allotment

Schools that meet the following criteria will receive an additional delegate:

  • A student facilitating a workshop (limit 1 additional delegate per school)
  • An advisor that worked BASIC/Advanced Summer 2018
  • District Advisor
  • Schools running for State office will be allowed 3 additional delegates